Marking Crossways. Memorial Art Gallery. Rochester, NY.
     Plaza, driveway, walkways. 1.6 acres.
     Scarf based on Marking Crossways. Hand woven by Jan Hewitt Towsley.
Staircase Project. Museum of Arts and Design. New York, NY.
     Wall drawings in 2 staircases.
Alex's Place. Tufts University. Medford, MA. Rooftop plaza. 13,350 sf.
Collaboration with landscape architect M. Paul Friedberg.
Wall of Towers. Houston. Auditorium lobby wall.
Fountain. University of Houston. Granite, water, blue light. 60' long.
Benches. University of Houston. 2 granite benches. Each 30' long.
Beacon Tower Model. University of Cincinnati proposal.
Laumeier Benches. Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis, MO. 8 cedar benches.
Arlington Gateway. Arlington, VA. Plaza 40,000 sf. Collaboration with M. Paul Friedberg.
18 Niches. Brick walls and courtyard. Toronto, ON. 24,000 sf.
Baruch Benches. Baruch College, New York, NY. 4 mahogany benches.
Canal Demonstration Project. Phoenix, AZ Canal Demonstration Project. Phoenix, AZ.
     1.5 miles of Arizona Canal.Collaboration with M. Paul Friedberg.
Flushing Bay Promenade. Flushing Meadow Corona Park, Queens, NY. 19,440 sf.
Stepped Tower. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN. 60' high.
Copper Tower. University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT. 43' high.
Grand Central: Arches, Towers, Pyramids. MTA Arts for Transit, New York, NY. Subway.
     Mosaic banding at 5 locations. 1474 sf.
Amphitheater. Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, CA. 106' long.
Seat Wall and Half Moon Terrace. Los Angeles County Museum of Art. 1.5 acres.
     Collaboration with landscape architect Laurie Olin.
Lap Pool and Bath House. Private family, Coconut Grove, FL. Marble clad pool and rooms.
     10,000 sf. Collaboration with architect William Bialosky.
Red Arches. Frederieke Taylor Gallery installation. Birch plywood.
     University of Illinois in Urbana acquired six of the eight arches.
Paths. Greater Pittsburgh International Airport, Pittsburgh, PA.
     Ceramic tile floors. 65,000 sf.
Floor. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA. Tang Center, 4152 sf
Covered Walkway. Lehman College, Bronx, NY. Arcade. 107' long. With 9' high diamond plate Kiosk.
Lenox Park. Silver Springs, MD. 1/3 acre. Collaboration with M. Paul Friedberg.
Hudson River Passage. Hudson River Museum of Westchester, Yonkers, NY. Wood structure.
Terrace. Stuart Collection, University of California at San Diego.
Hamm Plaza. St. Paul, MN. 12,100 sf. Collaboration with architect William Pedersen.
Newcastle Rooms. Newcastle, England. First Tyne International Exhibition of Contemporary Art,
     National Garden Festival. Tiled bath and toilet rooms for exhibition model home.
Meeting Place. Washington Trade and Convention Center, Seattle, WA.
     Floor and seating. 3082 sf.
Garden Courtyard. Fulton County Government Center, Atlanta, GA. 10,000 sf.
     Collaboration with M. Paul Friedberg.
Merrimack Riverfront Park, Lawrence, MA. Proposal to convert abandoned swimming pool and
     bathhouse into amphitheater and colonnade. 1 acre.
Stone Court. General Mills Sculpture Garden, Minneapolis, MN. 65' long.
Belvedere. Walker Art Center Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, Minneapolis, MN. Cedar stage.
     Rebuilt in 2003.
Beach Park. Art on the Beach. Hunters Point, NY. Park design for temporary projects
     Park design for temporary projects sponsored by Creative Time. 6 acres.
     Collaboration with architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsien.
Bench. Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, PA.
Bench House. High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA. Wood Structure
Sawyer Point, Cincinnati, OH. Proposal for stairway, tower, and viewing bridge.
     Collaboration with M. Paul Friedberg.
Love Seat. City Hall Park Furniture Show. Public Art Fund. City Hall Park, New York, NY.
Rado Couch. Sculpture/Aspen. Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, CO.
Wing Stepper. Orlando Museum of Art, Orlando, FL. Cedar platform. Rebuilt in 1993.

Davenport, IA.Proposal for plaza. Collaboration with architect Peter Eisenman
     and historian Jeffrey Kipnis.
Breaktower. Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH. Cedar tower.

Norwalk Platform. Memorial Lake Park, Norwalk, OH. Performance structure.
Laumeier Project. Laumeier Sculpture Park, St. Louis, MO. Cedar structure with inner room.
     Rebuilt 2004.
Carbondale Project. Federal Building, Carbondale, IL. General Services Administration.

Wave Hill Project. Wave Hill 1980: Temporal Structures. Riverdale, NY. Wood Structure.
Tower and Bridge for Castle Clinton. Interpretations '79. Battery Park, New York, NY.
Dayton Arch. Alternative Spaces Residency Program. City Beautiful Council. Dayton, OH.
     Wood structure.
Minneapolis Project. Minneapolis College of Art And Design, Minneapolis, MN.
     Wood structure. Rebuilt in 2003.
Stacked Pyramid. Neuberger Museum of Art, Purchase, NY. Rebuilt in 2012.